​1. Matches will be played according to the current TTI and ITTF rules.


2. Play will be on a group basis played in groups commencing at 9 am. The top 2 players of the group will continue to play in the Main competition. There may be a consolation event in singles depending on time. The seeding of players will be based on available Irish Rankings.


3. The 2nd Round Open competitions will be based on further group matches with one player to qualify to knockout stage. Challenger / Masters will be a knockout event after initial groups. The referee retains the right to change the format if necessary depending on time / entry.


4. All matches shall be the best of five games in Main event. Consolation format will be best of 3 due to time.  All competitors will be required to umpire group matches.


5. All competitors must report to the control table on arrival and should not leave the hall without first obtaining permission from the Referee. Players absent when called upon to play are liable to be scratched.


6. The referee’s decision shall be final on a point of law or in any dispute as to the interpretation thereof. Note: on points of fact the umpire’s decision shall be final.


7. It is a condition of entry that players agree to abide by the Code of Conduct of the ITTA CLG. This and other regulations for the tournament are published on the website.


8. All players must be affiliated to the ITTA CLG.


Many Thanks,


Tournament Referee: Gervis Knox
Assistant Referee: Allen Robson